Speaking Truth to Power at General Assembly

While this speech is a little late to my ears, it sounds like a genuine “speaking truth to power” moment for Gini.  I wish her well.

Gini clearly explains the roots of the dispute between the UUA Board and the Executive- something that should have been done months ago.  Then she discusses the root of the problem.
2013 is Gini's last year as Moderator of the UUA
She points out that we (yes, that includes YOU) have essentially abdicated our responsibility under our bylaws.  WE have not held our leaders accountable.  WE have not provided a vision for the UUA.

In the absence of direction from the community, our leaders have been left to find their own direction.  With every new President comes a new initiative, yet it is the Presidents initiative, not ours.

The congregations must lead.  If we do not provide direction then the direction we go is not truly OURS, and we will not go together.  Our works will lie scattered, and our “movement” will stagnate.

I have a vision of radical democracy that uses technology to engage the congregations of the UUA in the direction and priority setting of the movement.  Where decisions about competing priorities are routinely presented for a vote of the congregations.  Where we, the congregations vote on motions put forward by the board – not the board itself.   Technology makes this possible.  When we demand more of our congregations, we might find that we surprise ourselves by stepping up to the plate and taking back control of our future.

Listen to Gini’s speech.  And imagine what might be…

2013 UUA GA Moderators Report (video from uuworld : first 30 minutes is the speech)

Alan Coffey, member at large 
 JPD Board of Directors
UU Fellowship of Newark (DE)

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